Cual es El Punto

Algo para reflexionar (originally posted in English 4/19/19 w. diff images) Una vez después de un fin de semana increíblemente victorioso, y lo que sentí como una "vida" de batallas para obtener la victoria, tengo un momento en que me miré y me di cuenta de que siempre he luchado con todo lo que he … Continue reading Cual es El Punto

365 Days of New Opportunities

Could we change something this year? What if I tell you we can? There are circumstances that we create and turn into situations that mark our lives, many others are circumstances of which we become victims because of family members or people with whom we live create a series of situations and even if we … Continue reading 365 Days of New Opportunities

25 Movies About Mental Health To Watch

Spiritual Health Brings Mental Health & Mental Health Brings Physical Health I  am a HUGE mental health advocate and I love the fact that Star Moon took the time to gather/search for movies that speak and help in some way create and bring mental health awareness. Click on the link and visit the blog and … Continue reading 25 Movies About Mental Health To Watch

Looking Back

As I look back at the stories of my life I realize that I haven't moved pass them by much. I begin to see me playing a scene of my childhood but from the adult role in my children's life, yes, at times I see things playing all over again. That's, when I awake and … Continue reading Looking Back

We Still Have a Chance

In life we will experience many situation that will make us feel like is all done and said and perhaps discouraged, but is right at that time that we have to sit back and take a look at how far we’ve made it decide to try again. We still have a chance with humanity and with everything we set ourselves to do.

Please Know That You Are Not Alone

In moments of despair, desolation, and spiritual brokenness, it can be very hard to see God’s hand working through your problems and we can begin to question a lot of things. The normal begins to happen and raising thoughts begin to take place in our head:  Is there even a God? Sounds harsh, but its … Continue reading Please Know That You Are Not Alone

Believe Great Things and See Great Things

Our brains can produce and try to sabotage us into believing that we are unable to do certain things that DEEP down we want to do. Deep down within us we know that we have what it takes, but our brain gets filled with so much fear that the negativity becomes bigger than the positivity. … Continue reading Believe Great Things and See Great Things