Don’t Doubt Yourself

What we are facing is real but we can achieve more

Something to take on for the weekend 🥰 There’s nothing wrong with feeling frustrated and oppressed from time to time and not knowing what to do. In fact there’s nothing wrong with wanting to take care of your own circumstances at times—that is only revealing your human nature. Who else will handle your situations if not yourself right? (Well God…but😉)

As long as you know who takes care of you and you always come to your senses and surrender in humility understanding that you can’t do it alone you will always gain the wisdom, strength and willingness to keep going.

I don’t know where you find yourself today, but I find myself transitioning. Woohoo 🙌 🥳!!!!

And I think is one of the best times of my life, until… I think 🤔: WHAT 😯 DOES MY HUSBAND (really) THINKS? You know the unsaid words that sometimes you feel like creep up in silence?! Or that we feel like creep up in silence, and May never do…🤯

Don’t self doubt I suggest everyone, if you want to do something go out there and launch, be positive and believe in yourself. Always aware of your circumstances, but never afraid 😟 of the outcomes, look at life as an eternity realm of possibilities and embrace every step of the way.

BTW—and on a side note—I absolutely hope you can see those cute emojis I am trying to integrate to this writings.

If you fail at something BELIEVE ME you will over come it, because in life whatever you fail at you will retake it until you pass it otherwise you’ll be stuck on that chapter forever—and no one wants that!

Go out there with a WIN attitude, but be very careful of yourself and how you see others. Stay humble at all times.

I read on an article this morning that, too often, we try to win high self-regard in cheap ways. And without noticing or even purposely we put others down or make them seem as if they are less by comparing our achievements with theirs, simply because they are the weakest ones around us. We conform to cultural norms, believing what society values is what we value and how society defines success is how we must define success. These cheap tricks are unsustainable and lead to narcissism during good times and depression during hard times.

How you see yourself during the low times is what will define you during the high times.

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Freedom is Found in Forgiveness

The freedom that provides victory is rooted in forgiveness Luke 23:34 and nailed through the bones.

  • Is found in forgiving oneself
  • In the forgiveness of others
  • In asking for forgiveness for others even when they don’t ask for it or understand the meaning of it
  • In understanding that forgiveness is not for others but rather for oneself

Keep the following 4 key points in mind:

  1. Forgiveness does not always mean recovery or reconciliation unless it is self-forgiveness.
  2. For a person to be truly victorious and not become a victim the person has to forgive and reconcile with oneself first and move on past the hurt stage.
  1. Freedom comes when one understands that not everyone knows how to forgive or ask for forgiveness but that the right thing to do was to forgive from the heart in order to obtain spiritual freedom.
  1. Give to them what you would want them to give to you (Luke6:31).

Freedom brings peace to your soul, and enabled loyalty, truthfulness and healing. Reflect on how far you’ve become and give thanks for those you’ve been able to forgive even when they haven’t said I’m sorry.

Ps. Start with yourself! You are a unique soul! #youremore

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Cual es El Punto

Algo para reflexionar (originally posted in English 4/19/19 w. diff images)

Una vez después de un fin de semana increíblemente victorioso, y lo que sentí como una “vida” de batallas para obtener la victoria, tengo un momento en que me miré y me di cuenta de que siempre he luchado con todo lo que he tenido y más. Por lo cual, me siento tan agotada (Duh).

Ahora, el agotamiento puede venir de hacer todo lo que puede o puede venir de no hacer nada en absoluto. Dicen que las batallas más grandes se pelean en la mente … y eso hay verdad, pero debo decir que hay una verdad mayor, los verdaderos guerreros luchan a los pies de la guerra.

Mi mayor logro es ver una imagen de mí misma y saber que lo intenté y que luché con todo lo que tenía. Solo así puedo estar satisfecha, y vivir en paz conmigo misma, no necesariamente sabiendo que gané, sabiendo que lo intenté. No vamos a ganar todas las batallas. De hecho vamos a perder muchos.

“Pero si perdemos muchas batallas en el intento, por lo tanto, los estamos ganando todos porque no nos dimos por vencidos y lo intentamos” – Denise

(Lo siento, tuve que citar eso)

¡No olvides que ganas cada vez que lo intentas en la vida!

No siempre fue así, no estoy hablando de nada en lo que no tenga experiencia, sé lo que es estar agotado mentalmente después de pelear una batalla sin mover un pie.

A veces, la vida puede se sentir que se te viene encima una vez y que ya no tienes la oportunidad de respirar y ser tú mismo, y eso puede parecer confuso, lo que puede hacer que pierdas el sentido de ti mismo. Solo recuerda quién eras antes de que esto transcurriera y quién aspirabas a ser, qué sueños tenías y en qué dirección ibas.

¿Cuál podría haber sido la razón por la que se desvió, o cuál podría ser el posible propósito de esta maravillosa demora en su vida en este momento? ¡Encuentra la belleza en el ahora!

A veces es necesario pausar las cosas, es posible que se estés siendo salvado de algo que no conoces o podría haber sido una puerta más abierta para usted.

Me di cuenta que mi rostro significa fuerza interior, mayor propósito, mayor satisfacción y “estoy bien porque mayor es el que camina delante de mí, no tengo miedo de caminar sola porque sé que tengo la compañía de los ángeles que me protegen”. No sé cuántas personas se sienten tan seguras en la vida en este momento, y no estoy tratando de decirte que la vida es todo melocotones y fresas (eso es una mentira loca) Ni siquiera me gustan los melocotones de esa manera.

La vida es dura, las luchas mentales son reales, las batallas emocionales son fuertes, la sensación de vacío puede desgarrar el corazón y el caos de la vida puede hacer que uno se sienta vacío y solitario.

Pero recuerda que mayor es el que está en ti (si lo recibes) estando solo y la soledad no es lo mismo, que puedes controlar tus pensamientos y que eres amado porque “eres más”.

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What’s the Point

Something to reflect

One time after an amazingly victorious weekend, and what it felt like a “lifetime” of fighting battles to obtain the victory, I have a moment when I looked at myself and realized that I’ve always fought with everything I’ve had and more. Thus, I feel so exhausted (Duh).

Now, exhaustion can come from doing everything you can or it can come from not doing anything at all. They say that the greatest battles are fought in the mind…and that is truth indeed, but I must say that there’s is a greater truth. The true warriors fight at the feet of war.

My greatest accomplishment is seeing an image of myself and knowing that I tried, & that I fought with everything that I had. Only then I can be satisfied, and live at peace with myself, not, knowing that I won. Knowing that I tried. We’re not going to win every battle. In fact we’re going to lose many.

“But if we lose many battles trying, therefore we’re winning them all because we didn’t give up and tried” — Denise

(Sorry I had to quote that)

Please don’t forget that you win every time you try in life!

It wasn’t always like this, I’m not speaking of anything I don’t have experience in, I know what is it to be mentally exhausted after fighting a battle without moving a feet.

At times it life may feel like is coming at you all once and that you don’t get an opportunity to breath and be yourself anymore, and that can seem confusing, causing you to lose sense of self perhaps. Just remember who you were before this transcended and who you aspired to be, what dreams you had and what direction you headed.

What could had been the reason why you got detoured, or what could be the possible purpose for this wonderful holdup in your life right now? Find the beauty in the now! Sometimes things need to be paused, you might be being saved from something that you don’t know about or there might be a greater door opening up for you.

My face means inner strength, bigger purpose, greater satisfaction, and “I am okay because Greater is He who walks before me, I am not afraid to walk alone because I know I have the company of the angels protecting me!” I don’t know how many people feel as secure in life right now, and I am not trying to tell you life is all peaches and berries (that is a wacky lie) I don’t even like peaches and berries like that.

Life is hard, the mental struggles are real, the emotional battles are strong, the feeling of emptiness can tear at the heart, and the chaos of life can make one feel empty and lonely.

But remember that greater is he that is in you (if you welcome Him) being alone and loneliness is not the same, that you can control your thoughts, and that you’re loved because “you’re more”!

#satisfaction #joy #purpose #greaterishe #imokay #strength #peace #accomplishment #youaremore

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The Calling

There are things in life that we imagine ourselves doing (i.e. a fantasy, like flying per se) and there are others that we can see ourselves outside of our being making them happen but we do not imagine in the most remote way physically doing them. Almost like our imagination doesn’t reach that far, like the vision invades the imaginary senses of our brains.

I’ll try to explain myself, I saw myself for a long time preaching and giving prophetic words, tying and untying with the maximum power that broke the bronze skies that impide me from receiving what awaited for me and many people in a general sense. I saw myself in the past writing in the internet but I never imagined myself doing it. I saw it possible but I didn’t know how… humm it’s supernatural And that power made me reach the third heaven here and in other places which I am not sure if you can grasp the feeling of visualize the picture, it was overwhelming, powerfully and empowering; for many years. I can still see myself doing it in English and Spanish & with translators (glory be to God), but I can NEVER imagine myself physically doing it, perhaps because I don’t see the means or the ways possible—only God and time will tell.

However, I can clearly understand that the vision comes from something bigger than a childish dream, is not an imagination is a passion that gives you the dream to back it up. Is a higher power that empowers you.

Have you ever had anything similar happening to you, maybe with a career or something you dream of doing, places you truly want to go, like on a rescue mission etc.? Is not a fairy tail that makes you imagine things and fantasize and create false ideas, that make you day dream but not move forward with desires to pursue them because you know those are fantasies when you dream of flying but you know you can’t (at least not on your own) that will never be attained.

The calling is a passion that lives within a person, a God given vision given to them to reveal to them what will later be confirmed by a either great intimacy with God, a persistent and uncontrollable passion for a field, person, or need, or a sensitive hearted person perhaps a very humble and privileged one that God will allow to speak to one in this matter.

In one occasion I shared with someone that

“The calling is what moves your sphere and proves to you that God will use you in any field that you are in”

This applies to the secular world as well, if you have a passion and a calling to be a engineer and your parents want you to be a Doctor, it does not matter how smart you are or how well you master your classes you can obtain your Doctorate and do your disertación in the most complicated health disease; your passion will always pull your mind and your heart to think about the scientific discoveries but not pertaining to health, the ones pertaining to economical solutions and technical problems.

In this world there are the things that we have and the things that we want.

    My questions to you are what are you doing to obtain the things that you want?
    And, do you need everything that you have?

Sometimes we have to let go of some of the things that we have in order to make room for the things that we need, and want. Are we pursuing our passion, are we listening to our calling, or are we just living off of our imaginations and what people think is best for us?

I always say that when are children we have no control of our lives, but as adults we are entirely responsible for our spiritual, physical, and mental wellbeing those 3 elements will feed depending on how clean our soul is.

Don’t forget that every plant needs a root.

What you are feeding your soil today?

Those branches will reveal it in the future.

Dear to move in the extraordinary things that await for you when you move by faith, speak faith and declare that great things will happen and come your way. You will begin to see your visions come to pass and your dreams come true. .

Thank you for your time and trust, don’t forget that you are more. There’s more within you. Your are important and if you talk to God you will obtain discernment once you’re filled with the The Holy Spirit.

If you haven’t accept God as your Lord and Savior here is an opportunity and a calling to do so, just say this prayer with faith.

“Lord, I have sinned against you, I repent of my sins, I ask you to please forgive me. I accept you as my Lord and savior and I want to walk with you for the rest of my life. Please allow me to feel the presence of your Holy Spirit and to have your Grace, Amen”.

By saying that simple prayer of salvation or any other similar with faith, and reverence you will be saved and walk for the rest of your days filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit of God.

Faith does not mean that it will be easy, it means that it will be possible.

With love as always,

Denise Kilby

Ps. You know how to reach me 🙂

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Find Healing for Your Soul & Spirit

That will make your heart and body feel better

Mental balance will be added as a bonus;

At the end of the day we all want to lay down in bed and be able to say “I had a great day today”.

Unfortunately that is not the case in every household (when I talk about house I am referring to the heart), although I am sure that is the ultimate goal, because no one on this earth wants to lay their head to rest at night and say “wow, what a terrible day I had, I look forward to more misery tomorrow, more pain, grater suffering, to more tribulations, heart aches, and possibly the failure that will accompany all of that”.

As humans we naturally long (hunger, thirst, wish, urge) for a sense of satisfaction (gratification, compensation, delight, contentment, happiness) and that is perfectly normal; in fact what it would not be normal is to live a life where you never wish to find happiness on anything you did.

When we lose connection with ourselves we can somehow end up living a hopeless life, and sadly living a life where we don’t care what the outcome of our days turn out to be. Sadly to say that is the case of a lot of people on the surface of this earth. There are individuals who seem to not care for what happened to them yesterday and appear as though they are self destructive; walking down a disorganized pathway in life. Somewhat avoidant or even ambivalent. Others are so anxious that appear as if they worry about everyone else’s problems a little too much. Truth is that in between the different types there are many personalities, traits and mental health conditions to which God can provide healing and balance.

No one can see what goes on in the interior of our bodies by simply looking at us, the only one that knows us from the inside out is God, before you were form indeed. I am sorry, but not even your parents.
“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” (Jeremiah1:5 NIV)

He’s supernatural power is for supernatural healing!  (just to bring awareness). The greatest news is that we are talking about a creator healing God and not a God that we are creating among each other, we are talking about a God who created us.

Jehovah ~ Shammah ~ “The Lord is there “Present” in the middle of it all, at the gates of the city, whenever you’re the God that created us The Lord is There.

Jehovah ~ Nissi ~ “The Lord is my Banner” We have to do like Moses and trust and believe that The Lord is our banner and say it out loud and walk in that faith, knowing that he can bring bring healing to our soul, that we can find peace in him, that our house (our hearts, our spirit, & soul) can love again, and our home (where we reside) can be set free from bondage.
Moses built an altar and called it The LORD is my Banner. (Exodus 17:15)

Jehovah ~ Jireh ~ “The Lord Who Provides” Will provide healing for your soul, your heart, your mind, and your body will begin to feel better and lighter after you let go and start receiving from what He has to offer. He sees everything you need (also everything you have AND don’t need), He will see to it, He will come through on its due time. God may put you to the test but as long as you remain faithful He will ALWAYS show you the way, He has a purpose for everything that He is doing, there is a reason for everything that happens in life.

Are you believing that you can do life alone, or are you feeling like you can’t continue to go on alone? Either way the word alone is asked in that question right…how to answer? The bottom line is that our most intense feelings are tied to the connections we make with the people we love or need the most. No one can do life alone. But everyone of us needs to be able to understand who we are before we commit to anyone else. We’re always going to need somebody! Avoiding people is not the answer to find ultimate satisfaction in life, either. Not that we are looking for ultimate satisfaction,(wink-wink) but… to be able to at least find some sort of contentment in life we need to first find our—Shammah, make Him our banner, know He will come through, and be certain He is Jehovah ~ Rapha~

Jehovah ~ Rapha ~ “The Lord who heals”. God can provide and will provide physical, soul, & spiritual cure to all your pains and sorrows that will give you great peace of mind. Therefore don’t take His word lightly 7 “Throw all your worry on him, because he cares for you1Peter5:7 (ISV).

You are not alone and don’t have to face live alone, there is no need to fight your battles alone when you were created to surrender your cares on someone stringer. When you are weak if you don’t cease in prayer and continue to trust God then you will begin to notice that you are strong stronger than you ever believed. Only the true ones who are truly secured on themselves reached out to others when they need help or are gong through tough times.

If you or anyone you know is going to a tough time, I encourage guy to reach out. Talk to someone, pray together and don’t forget that you’re not alone.

I am only an email away.

Constantly praying and thinking of new ways to grow together 🙂

Warm hugs,

—Denise Kilby

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Whoever Has Eyes and is Able To See, Read On.

DreamingFive am this morning and I saw myself ministering to the people of God at my congregation (where I attend church) telling them “that something GREAT is coming” —present time—, God was calling me to remind them that something GREAT is coming, and in the dream I was passionately telling a lady from my church, the worship leader to be more specific whom I’m keeping her name private (to protect her privacy) to minister that; in the microphones because the people HAD to sing and declare “that something GREAT is to come to the house of God INDIVIDUALLY for each of the faithful followers of Christ” and I saw another sister also from the worship team receive the Spirit of God, and then I saw at a distance a deacon (a female whom I love dearly and I am also keeping her name private for privacy purposes) in the Spirit of God!

Some-time later I got up because I heard my oldest preparing to go to work so I started to give double thanks and glory to God for that (I actually thought “this is the great thing coming!” since my oldest has been struggling to get up in the mornings for work)

After reading the Bible for about two hours and honestly not understanding why the Lord took me to read Lamentations, when He had just told me that “something GREAT was coming!” I ended up in Ezekiel and going through a few chapters of it too…only then could I understand why…

God wanted to remind me of Zion in Lamentations, and remind me that great things will come ALWAYS and WHEN His people are faithful, otherwise all the worst awaits them. As it happened to Zion… but someone has to talk to His people and warn them that He is giving them one more chance. Now I didn’t know how to warm you people (at the time) but then after hours I thought… if I have the opportunity is through this method. God said to me if you have a method use it. Great things are to come the end brings a new beginning! So I thought… December-January.

See what I’m getting at?

And this is what the Lord told me:

“The word of the LORD came to the priest Ezekiel son of Buzi, in the land of the Chaldeans, by the river Chebar; the hand of the Lord came upon him there. And I saw, and behold, a stormy wind came from the north, and a great cloud, with a surrounding fire, and around it a brightness, and in the midst of the fire something that seemed like shining bronze, and in the midst of it the figure of four living beings. And this was his appearance: there was in them the likeness of a man. Each had four faces and four wings. And their feet were straight, and the sole of their feet was like the sole of a calf’s foot; and they sparkled like burnished bronze. Under their wings, on their four sides, they had the hands of men; and their faces and their wings on all four sides. With their wings they joined each other. They did not turn when they went, but each one walked straight ahead. And the appearance of their faces was the face of a man, and the face of a lion on the right side of the four, and the face of an ox on the left in the four; likewise there were four eagle faces. That’s what their faces were like. And they had their wings extended above, each one two, which came together; and the other two covered their bodies. And each one walked straight ahead; where the spirit moved them to walk, they walked; and when they went, they did not turn around. As for the likeness of living creatures, their appearance was like burning coals of fire, like the vision of lighted torches that walked among living beings; and the fire shone, and lightning flashed from the fire. And the living beings ran and returned like lightning. While I looked at the living beings, here is a wheel on the earth next to the living beings, on all four sides. The appearance of the wheels and their work was similar to the color of the chrysolite. And the four had the same similarity; his appearance and his work were like a wheel in the middle of a wheel. When they walked, they moved towards its four sides; They did not turn when they walked. And their hoops were tall and frightening, and full of eyes around in the four. And when the living beings walked, the wheels went by them; and when the living beings rose from the earth, the wheels were lifted”.

Just as the spirit of the living beings was on those wheels when they sent the Sign of the Glory of God and moved with the wheels that covered them in the same way the Holy Spirit of God will move with the chosen ones with the fence that He has put around them protecting them when they move to take their word and message to the people of Christ!

“When they walked, they went, and when they stopped, they stopped; also when they rose from the earth, the wheels rose behind them; because the spirit of the living beings was in the wheels.”

Then on your feet is the Spirit of God NOT UNDER , and when you stand you hold firm as if it were a device that takes you from the waist to the feet IS MORE like your spine that holds you BLESSED IS THE GLORY OF God, WHEN you decide to get up from the dust and take on life there is the Holy Spirit of God giving you power and follows you like some wheels ready as a giant to get you out of the hole, and follow you in case you get stuck again! Praise be to the King.

“And on the heads of the living beings there appeared an expanse like a wonderful crystal, spread over their heads. And under the expansion their wings were straight, extending towards each other; and each one had two wings that covered his body. And I heard the sound of their wings when they went, like the sound of many waters, like the voice of the Almighty, like the noise of a crowd, like the noise of an army. When they stood, they let down their wings. And when they stopped and lowered their wings, there was a voice above the expansion above their heads. And on the expanse that was above their heads was the figure of a throne that looked like sapphire stone; and on the figure of the throne there was a resemblance that resembled a man sitting on it. And I saw an appearance like a gleaming bronze, like the appearance of fire within it round about, from the aspect of its loins up; and from his loins down, I saw that it looked like fire, and that it had a glow around it. As it looks like the rainbow that is in the clouds the day it rains, so was the appearance of the brightness around. This was the vision of the likeness of Jehovah’s glory. And when I saw her, I fell on my face, and I heard the voice of one who spoke. ” Ezekiel 1: 3-19, 21-28 RVR1960,21-28.rvr1960

I said to myself I can not go over my leaders to preach a word in my church, I also don’t feel like I am prepared to do so, and I even ask how does one ask permission to bring a message at church? And God tells me not to fear—then how will I bring His word…? I believe that I have to pray and fast to find what the Lord wants to tell me in the following and to find out how to take this message to the people. Because “something GREAT is to come!”

After long hours of editing and fixing typos and brief story of my childhood and sending it to two people with massive errors making sure it wasn’t too much and proof reading it I said “ok my website”:

“He said to me: Son of man, stand on your feet, and I will speak with you. And after he spoke to me, the Spirit entered into me and he held me on my feet, and I heard the speaker. And he said to me, Son of man, I send you to the sons of Israel, to rebellious people who rebelled against me; they and their parents have rebelled against me until this very day. I, therefore, send you to children with a hard face and an inveterate heart; and you shall say to them, Thus says the Lord Yahweh. Perhaps they listen; but if they do not listen, because they are a rebellious house, they will always know that there was a prophet among them. And you, son of man, do not fear them, nor be afraid of their words, although you are among brambles and thorns, and dwell with scorpions; Do not be afraid of their words, nor be afraid of them, because they are a rebellious house. You will speak to them, then, my words, listen or stop listening; because they are very rebellious. But you, son of man, hear what I speak to you; do not be rebellious like the rebellious house; Open your mouth, and eat what I give you. And I looked, and behold, a hand stretched out toward me, and in it was a scroll of a book. And he spread it out before me, and it was written in front and behind; and there were written in it laments and lamentations and woes. “

Ezekiel 2: 1-10 NKJ1960

I was very surprised that the Lord took me on this trip and this beautiful experience, (I felt like everything He was saying to Ezekiel He was also saying to me). Since I was a child I dreamed of preaching and I went to church with a neighbor who introduced me to the Christian church (since then I fell in love with God) all the plays they did and all the things I learned about the gospel were amazing, I remember my brother played as one of the two men who were crucified alongside Jesus. She took us both for many years, I used to lock myself up with a Bible in the room and pretended that I preached as a “hallelujah”—HARDCORE— TOO!! (Although I was baptized by the Catholic Church and I made my first communion I always visited the Christian church) on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, those services where awesome from 7-10:30 (woo those where the days!) I remember asking my mom “can we go to church with Ana?” (Most Times was a, yes!. To try to find ‘balance’ my brother and I would sometimes walk to the Catholic Church on Sunday’s (because we were Catholics ya know…)

…I have so much to learn but I think the passion is so great that I even dream that I preach, until the other day I hesitated due to fear—doubted God and believed I was perhaps starting to become just one of the many more who thought they could preach better than the pastor since it seems to be an epidemic now a days…I came out of church and just wanted to preach…(because sometimes you get carried away by people even if you have God screaming in your ear) “I do not know if it is my illusion” (I used to say) and I said many times to God, “it is my dreams to preach to the nations the good news of the gospel, I want people to fall in love with you for you, to get to know you, and to be saved, I know what it is to be in the world and to have been saved”. But, no! Doubts are gone… I UNDERSTAND now, because I dream it and I feel it, because I can not sleep, and although I still have a lot to learn, I understand loud and clear why I came out all fired up… because I am so worried about this passion that is bigger than me. And because prophets of the Lord have told me “not to keep quiet that I was called to speak” … why? Because, this is MY CALLING!

I understand why the preparation is so important, so when the launching time arrives you can have fuel and do not stay halfway (like it happens to many people)… this is about doing what God wants, AS GOD WANTS it (not as we want it-or as the last preacher said it) with the word of God, and with the Word that God gives to us specifically for others not to find self-fulfillment. Even if it makes us feel uncomfortable at first or if it makes others feel uncomfortable, it’ll bring satisfaction to our soul, because it is a soul saving solution. Scanned by God to save your town, it requires time and preparatory and whoever does not have it loses its place… this is not a fast soul saving solution! This is a long-term soul caring solution!

THE CONCLUSION (finally huh—I know—):

“Do it individually” [that was the old conclusion] when I planned on texting everyone God tells me to…or still plan as God directs me, I originally wrote this in Spanish while standing at my kitchen counter (why standing? I don’t know, but I was inspired and it took me like two hours to translate and did it standing too).

So back to concluding,

“Why limit the word of God by texting the message to a few contacts when I could possibly reach millions” —Denise

I said I’ll bring the message; “Whoever has ears, let them hear.”

Matthew 13:9 NIV

I understand that this is a little different but I believe it can still help anyone who’s willing to be open-minded, if you have any questions please, contact me with an email, and I will be more than glad to respond. I love interaction.Thank you for patiently reading me, I know I can write my soul out! One day I will write a book hehe I promise (ha I’m joking not joking!!) I just publicly declared it and I believe it in the name of Jesus, I have enough writing to put a book together. Anyone wants to be my editor and publisher? I don’t have any money though, just the word of God and love to give!

Blessings my friends

—Denise Kilby

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