Let’s Stay Connected

I'm on Instagram as you.are.more_. Install the app to follow my photos and videos. https://www.instagram.com/invites/contact/?i=126v580fm5e5s&utm_content=3rea8v And as a tribute to my 100th blogpost + 3rd year anniversary as a blogger (woohoo me!!). I want to encourage you and invite you all to get to know me better! Please don't miss the opportunity to connect with … Continue reading Let’s Stay Connected

A Little About Your Author!

A little about this picture and myself... It was about 6:54 am and I was at work just starting my shift about two days ago leaving my hair down from a bun. Before before heading back to the crowd of youth I care for and co-workers looking what I felt like a "mess" since there’s … Continue reading A Little About Your Author!

Last Sunday of the Year!

What are you planning? Are you thinking, "New Year's resolution" or "New opportunity to start something new"? To be completely elated we must do something that we love, and to be able to do the things we love one must work on priorities. Very often individuals fall through the crevices of their own agendas. Write … Continue reading Last Sunday of the Year!

Pick a Random Person and Surprise Them

Do Good Without Looking at WhomOriginal post first shared in Spanish 5/16/19 If you are still unsure of what you can do different today, here I have a suggestion for you, “do something for somebody (randomly) who has never done anything for you”. Kindness is the biggest act of love and when we show kindness … Continue reading Pick a Random Person and Surprise Them

Every Question Have a Right to Be Answered

Can I talk now? Nice Saturday!! Be open minded and live prepared to receive the answers to the questions you ask. Always remember that with the attitude or character you make claims, demand and make certain requirements—towards family, friends, or people close to you, collaborators or others with whom you work. With that same strength, … Continue reading Every Question Have a Right to Be Answered

Don’t Doubt Yourself

What we are facing is real but we can achieve more Something to take on for the weekend 🥰 There’s nothing wrong with feeling frustrated and oppressed from time to time and not knowing what to do. In fact there’s nothing wrong with wanting to take care of your own circumstances at times—that is only … Continue reading Don’t Doubt Yourself