Make Your Dreams a Reality

Create Connections

Something to take on for the weekend to help create mental balance and spiritual well-being.

Trying to reach everyone can leave one with a feeling of emptiness and unaccomplished, at the same time feeling like everyone is reaching out to us can make ones ego boost out proportion and one can end up feeling greed and end up comparing themselves with others.

Creating balance is essential to grow at the right time in the right areas and help one understand the forces and areas in which we are being processed in order to enjoy our growth step by step.

Dream and create connections that you never envisioned before. Don’t look for followers and don’t live following others.

Make sure to create an aura that attracts the right people and connects you with those who have one alike. Don’t think of those who hit the “following” button as followers think of them as the bridge that will take you to the place you need to get.

Do NOT think of yourself higher than anyone else. Your connections will be your extension to whatever God has awaiting for you.

Don’t let anyone build your character, let your character encourage others and show your attractiveness for you.

Have a free spirit and taste the flavor of a clean soul.

When you follow someone else think of them as a connection necessary to grow and learn from, as a bridge needed to walk through to get to the other side, as an extension to obtain energy from.

Plug in to the right sources and don’t let anyone take your energy from you.

Love freely envision and become what you dreamed of as a child you are more than your current circumstances. Create opportunities instead of situations by linking up with the right people.

Please, believe in yourself.

©️2019 Denise Kilby New Hope Life Coaching & Lay Christian Counseling. All rights reserved.

Published by Denise Kilby

Along the path of my life I have focused on growing as an individual, studying and learning on how to help others and expanding my view of life. I studied Criminal Psychology and Christian Counseling concentrating in marriage and family relations at Liberty University Online. I am a fibromyalgia fighter who has focused on living the best that I can every day of my life. My mission is to inspired others to live their lives to their fullest God given potential. My vision in life is that we are given one body, one brain, and one flesh-with many muscles and we can't concentrate in the things that don't work the way we want in one single day. We have to think on how we can make our life stronger and take action—on the muscles that work and operate well and move. Staying focus and moving while I can is my key to happiness, pausing when my heart tells me to and thinking outside my head to maintain a healthy spiritual, mental, and fitness balance that brings me peace & provides physical healing has been what keeps rooted. I am a mother of three blessings; 2 boys and a girl, wife, and daughter of God, passionate about people and the way the brain works. Who is always looking for ways to make life easier and helping individuals see the truth that lies within them, I know there’s more for everyone, and that we are far more than whatever our current circumstances may be, remembering that they might determine our situations but don't predict our future. I enjoy working with people and assisting individuals in many different areas, whatever it takes to make someone’s life better and meeting their professional needs. “Go as high as you can, there’s a world that needs your help” - Denise Kilby

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