Haz Bien Sin Mirar a Quien

Si todavía no está seguro de qué puede hacer diferente hoy aquí, le sugiero que “haga algo por alguien (al azar) que nunca haya hecho nada por usted”

La bondad es el mayor acto de amor y cuando mostramos bondad (especialmente amabilidad al azar) nos sorprendemos con cuán profundamente podemos amar y cuán incondicional es el amor de Dios para TODOS!

No trates de ser selectivo con la persona, porque si tratas de pensar en quién nunca ha hecho algo por ti, MUCHAS personas vendrán a esa lista, y las cartas se volverán a tirar de nuevo hacia a ti y no se trata de ti (no hoy) se trata de hacer y dar a alguien más.

No me malinterpretes, serás recompensado, pero tienes que aprender a ponerte por último (de todo corazón) para que Dios pueda ponerte primero.

Anota estos tres puntos de hoy muy importantes que te ayudarán a ser más claro mañana:

  1. No hagas por los demás solo porque se ve bien, al final todos sabrán la verdad. #verdad
  2. Da sin expectativa, aquellos que dan con amor SIEMPRE recibirán una recompensa desde arriba #confianza
  3. Ámate lo suficiente como para saber que no tienes que demostrar tu validez, tienes que ser tú mismo y esa será tu mejor prueba de lo que eres #aunteticidad

Se el cambio que quieres ver en otros, no esperes que alguien haga por ti lo que tú quieres, has tú por ellos lo que ellos quieren primero. Acuérdate del efecto del domino.

Este mensaje será traducido ahora en Inglés y el mismo fue una prueba para ver si hay audiencia Hispana la cual pueda ser edificada, por favor comenten si la hay para así poder compartir más mensajes en español en esta página o buscar un medio de traducción efectivo.

Gracias! —Denise Kilby ⬇️English⬇️

Do Good Without Looking at Whom

If you are still unsure of what you can do different today here I have a suggestion for you, “do something for somebody (randomly) who has never done anything for you”.

Kindness is the biggest act of love and when we show kindness (especially random kindness) we surprise ourselves with how deep we can love and how unconditional God’s love is for EVERYONE!

Don’t try to be selective about the person, because if you try to think about who has never done anything for you A LOT of people will come to that list, and the cards will turn to yourself AGAIN and this is not about you (not today) this is about doing and giving to someone else.

Don’t get me wrong you will be rewarded, but you have to learn how to put yourself last (wholeheartedly) so then God can put you first!

Take note of this very important three points who will help you be more clear tomorrow:

  1. Don’t do for others just because it looks good, at the end everyone will know the truth. #truth
  2. Give without expectation, those who give with love will ALWAYS receive a rearward from above #trust
  3. Love yourself enough to know that you don’t have to prove yourself, you have to be yourself and that will be your best proof of who you are #genuineness

Be the change that you want to see in others, do not wait for someone to do for YOU what you want first do for them what THEY want first. Remember the domino effect.

NOTE: The Spanish post was a trial to see if I have a Spanish audience who could also benefit from my blog and posts, please if you know anyone share the post and I will find the means and time to create more posts in Spanish or an effective translation tool so everyone can be well edified!

My beloved, my readers, my support, my clients, my motivation, as always with the best interest at heart

—Your coach and counselor, Denise Kilby

Published by Denise Kilby

Along the path of my life I have focused on growing as an individual, studying and learning on how to help others and expanding my view of life. I studied Criminal Psychology and Christian Counseling concentrating in marriage and Family Relations at Liberty University Online. I am a Fibromyalgia Fighter who has focused on living the best that I can every day of my life, my goal is to inspired others to live their lives to their fullest God given potential. In life we are given one body, one brain, and one flesh- with many muscles and we can't concentrate in the ones that hurt and don't work on one single day, we have to think on how we can make them stronger with the ones that do operate well. Staying focus and moving while we can is my key to happiness, pausing when my heart tells me to and thinking outside my head to maintain a healthy spiritual, mental, and fitness balance that brings me peace & provides physical healing. I am a mother of three blessings; 2 boys and a girl, wife, and daughter of God, passionate about people and the way the brain works. Who is always looking for ways to make life easier and helping individuals see the truth that lies within them, I know there’s more for everyone, and that we are far more than whatever our current circumstances may be, remembering that they might determine our situations but don't predict our future. I enjoy working with people and assisting individuals in many different areas, whatever it takes to make someone’s life better and meeting their professional needs. “Go as high as you can, there’s a world that needs your help” - Denise Kilby

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